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MasterNet Ltd manufactures a wide range of Vexar® Netting in various widths,  strand thicknesses and diamond sizes, for both light-weight and heavy-weight packaging solutions. We have  many stock  products and a wide range of custom materials.

Being an FSSC certified company is perfect for the fact that we supply most of the major produce packing companies with nets for fruits and vegetables. You will see a wide range of frozen and fresh poutlry in our Vexar netting. As well, we make nets for anything from flower bulbs to oysters & clams.. firewood..  beneficial insects !

The aquaculture industry thrives on netting - literally. Our mesh is used in the culture of mussels, clams and oysters, of which millions of pounds are harvested every year.

Our netting is also used in processing meats, and meat products,  for marination of chicken and a wide range of other packaging  modes.

A large percentage of what we manufacture goes into the food industry - and being FSSC Certified - we have one of the  highest food safety ratings in the netting industry.



FSSC 22000 Certified !!!  The only manufacturer of netting in North America with such a certification !  Major audit passed recently with NO nonconformances !! We are proud !!



Call us, our netting experts will direct you to the correct product : Below is a short list of popular sizes.

 Also producing  "Christmas Tree Net" !!!


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Vexar Packaging Nets - Roll Stock Netting

Vexar Packaging Nets - Roll Stock Netting

Vexar Packaging Nets - Roll Stock Netting


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